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Unforgettable Highlights from The City of Lights

Bonjour! I just returned home from a magical week in (and around) Paris with my daughter and my sister. I’m bursting with inspiration to share. So, if you’d like to join me, grab a café au lait and let me show you what we did and saw. 

First stop: a croissant-making class. Our instructor, a patient Parisian baker, walked us through the precise steps involved in creating a pastry with 33(!) layers of butter and dough.  Luckily for us, we were able to bring our leftover artwork back to our apartment and we ate it for the rest of the week. BTW, I’m convinced that if you can make a croissant, you can make just about anything. 

Next, we took a day trip to Versailles where what drew my attention most was not Louis XIV’s ego (although that was pretty spectacular). But it was the contemporary light fixture hanging in the entry hall. This stunner consists of five strands of Swarovski crystals–turned-luminaires that, in my opinion, are the epitome of modern opulence.

We toured the hall of mirrors, biked through the meticulously manicured gardens, and picnicked on the palace grounds. I’m pretty sure I now need to binge-watch the TV series on Marie Antoinette. 


Of course, no trip to Paris is complete without a stop at the Eiffel Tower – the most visited monument in the world. We walked around this architectural beacon during the day AND took a river cruise past it in the evening. There is nothing quite like seeing her sparkle at night.   

On a recommendation, we snuck in a visit to the Dior Museum, and man, am I glad we did!  Dior’s creations are not just clothing; they are design masterpieces. This museum is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates any form of art.

A quick trip to the Dijon region was the perfect palate cleanser after all our crepes and croissants. This area is, of course, famous for its mustard and wine, so we indulged in a wine tour, sipping on some of the finest Burgundy has to offer. 

Finally, we spent plenty of time walking the cobblestone streets, taking in the stunning architecture of this beautiful City of Light. I was constantly snapping photos of the buildings, especially the doors and the floors! I mean, can you blame me?! 

My one and only regret from this trip is that we did not get a chance to visit the Les Puces Flea Market - the largest of its kind in the world. We had planned to spend our last full day (a Tuesday) at the Flea Market before we realized the market is only open Saturdays-Mondays. Poor planning on my part. 

All the more reason to go back. 

Until next month… au revoir! 


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