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Care & Maintenance Guide

At KCI we believe in high-end, laid-back living. A well-cared-for home is an integral part of maintaining that lifestyle. Our hope is that this guide will help you keep your home and most valuable investments in tip-top shape so they will withstand the test of time.



Dust with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth.


To protect surfaces, always use drink coasters and placemats.


Wipe up any spills immediately.


Use protective pads under hot dishes.


Cover the bottoms of all tabletop accessories with felt pads.

Do not expose wood to extreme changes in humidity.


Do not place wood or furnishings in direct sunlight.


Periodically buff a wood table with a lint-free cloth to renew its shine. Use a damp cloth of distilled water or a one-to-one vinegar and distilled water solution to wipe up spills. Buff dry after wiping. Once a year, apply a coat of Danish oil.

All existing furniture that sits on wood floors should get felt pads added before use.

Pro tip: Use hot glue to ensure the pads stay in place.

Keep your hardwood floors looking gorgeous with a product like Bona which doesn’t have an oil that will build up on the floor.

Kari Cambell Interiors_Full Service Interior Design_Minneapolis, Minnesota_Arden Place 10.


Our stone experts recommend using a PH-neutral stone cleaner on all stone, marble, and granite.
Option: Miracle Sealant


Our plumbing experts recommend using a polishing product for the care of your plumbing.
Option: Flitz Polish

Kari Cambell Interiors_Full Service Interior Design_Minneapolis, Minnesota_Scandifornian 2


Our glass installer recommends using Sprayaway Glass Cleaner on glass surfaces such as tables, painted glass, stained glass, antique mirrors, and bronze mirrors. The key is to avoid ammonia on these surfaces to preserve the glass.
Option: Sprayaway Glass Cleaner



Our carpet experts recommend using an at-home dry cleaning product to clean up any spots on your carpet. Check each carpet for vacuum recommendations.
Option: Capture Carpet Dry Cleaning Kit


We at KCI swear by Folex to clean up spots on carpeting and upholstery.

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