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  • Q: How do I begin a project with KCI?
    A: First, we are glad you have inquired! We are here to walk you through each of the 5 phases in our proven design process: Discovery and Scope of Work Conceptual Design Detailed Design Purchasing & Project Management Installation To begin, we ask you to please fill out a short questionnaire so we can learn a bit more about you and your project. This form can be found here. Once we receive this information and review it as a team, we will set up a complimentary discovery call and then review the next steps.
  • Q: What is the design process and how long does the average project take?
    A: Over the years, we have developed an organized process that helps us efficiently move your project from an initial discovery call to the final installation and exciting reveal. Please visit our Design Process page to learn more about each design phase. Each project’s Scope of Work is unique and so is its timeline. As a general rule of thumb, full furnishings and styling projects typically take 6-10 months to complete. New construction and renovations can take anywhere from 10 months to multiple years. Typically, two things hold up a design and/or construction project: slow decision-making and delivery delays. Once decisions are made, we can more accurately estimate your timeframe.
  • Q: Does the design phase include revisions?
    A: Each design phase (Conceptual and Detailed) includes one round of revisions in which you can compile and share your thoughts and comments before the next phase begins. We will carefully account for all your comments and make the appropriate adjustments, ensuring that our final design is exactly what you envisioned, or better!
  • Q: What should I bring to the initial design meeting?
    A: After our initial discovery call, and before your in-home consultation, we will give you two pieces of homework to complete. We ask you to fill out a Style Questionnaire answering questions about your lifestyle and design preferences. We also ask you to add inspiration images to a shared, private Pinterest board. These two pieces of homework help us hone in on your taste and vision.
  • Q: What if I don’t like your designs?
    A: Client-centered design is a collaboration and sometimes differences of opinion happen. We promise not to take your comments personally - we want you to love your home! We appreciate transparency, so please let us know what you like and don’t like about the design in each phase, and most importantly, WHY. It can take a little time at the beginning of the project to get to know your design style, but at KCI we do all we can to quickly learn your likes and dislikes before we jump in.
  • Q: What happens after we have approved the designs?
    A: Once we have completed the Detailed Design phase and we have received your approval on all items, we will begin the Purchasing and Project Management process. During this phase, we will provide weekly updates which will include important details such as lead times, construction schedules, and any outstanding questions that need to be addressed.
  • Q: During the Project Management phase, what are my responsibilities as the client?
    A: We want you to sit back, relax and let us handle this phase of your project for you. We will manage all of the orders for your furnishings, rugs, lighting, window treatments, etc. and keep track of everything going into your new space. We make sure everything arrives in the correct finish and size and that there is no damage to your new items. If there is any damage, we will get the item repaired or replaced, often without you knowing it. This is one less thing you need to worry about! If your design project involves a renovation or is a new build, we stay in constant contact with the contractors and frequently visit the job site to ensure work is progressing on schedule and that our designs are being built as intended. We share all our paint, lighting, finish, and plumbing schedules with the contractors, so they know exactly which item is going where. To make sure that our design intent is clearly communicated, we provide the contractors with detailed construction drawings such as cabinetry layouts, lighting plans, bathroom layouts, and fireplace designs. Throughout this phase of the project, we will check in with you often to address any questions or concerns.
  • Q. What does the final reveal look like?
    A. After all your items are received at our warehouse and any renovations are complete, we will schedule an Installation date. This is when we kindly ask you to turn over your home to us while we bring in our team to deliver and place your furnishings and perfectly style your spaces. You will return to a turn-key home that is ready to enjoy!
  • Q: Why is it important to have all of my furniture delivered on the same day? Can items be sent directly to my home as they are ready instead?
    A: The short answer is no. We have all of your items shipped to our preferred receiving warehouse. They are trusted professionals who unpack and inspect every item, note damage or turn away broken items, safely store it all until your installation day, and then dispose of all the packaging materials that come with your items. This is one of the crucial steps in our process. If you were to accept a shipment yourself and something was damaged in transit, it is very difficult to get the vendor to issue a refund. For larger items, you must also be available during certain hours to accept, unpack, and inspect the item. For these reasons, many vendors require that their pieces are shipped to a receiving warehouse rather than to a private residence. Not to mention, the full installation and big reveal at the end of your project are what make all of the waiting worth it. This is, by far, everyone’s favorite part of the process!
  • Q: Does KCI have a minimum project size?
    A: Yes; we have learned that projects are most successful when we can design and complete a minimum of 3 rooms in your home at one time. This helps our clients see and understand the value and difference we can make in their homes. Additionally, our business model is based on a$50,000 project minimum.
  • Q: How much will my project cost? 
    A: While every project is different, at KCI, we spend a lot of time up front getting to know your design tastes and creating a ballpark estimate of what you can expect to invest to achieve your desired outcome. We charge a flat fee for our designs as well as the Installation Day(s). At the beginning of your project, we give you an estimate of what you can expect to spend in the Project Management phase, as well as what you can plan to invest in furnishings. These estimates are based on past projects of similar size and scope. We keep you up to date on pricing as we move through the process. Some things to consider when it comes to the investment in your project: How involved in the design process do you want to be? How quickly can you make decisions? Our most successful projects occur when clients clearly articulate their desires and then trust us to elevate their vision and execute.
  • Q: Do you mark-up your products?
    A: We do not have a standard mark-up. Instead, we make sure that our prices are never above the retail cost for each item, that they are fair to you as our client, and that they fit within our agreed-upon budget.
  • Q: What is the difference between custom furniture and stocked or retail furniture?
    A: Custom furniture pieces are pieces that the KCI team sources and designs specifically for you. We select these pieces from trusted manufacturers and then customize them with wood finishes, upholstery, etc. to specifically fit your space and lifestyle. Retail or stocked furniture items are pieces that we purchase from the manufacturer as-is without changing the look or finish. Stocked items are often sourced at a lower price point and are not customizable. During the detailed design phase, we aim to source a mixture of both custom and stocked furnishings that fit your overall style and budget.
  • Q. Does KCI provide Builders or Contractors? What if I have a problem with my Contractor or Subcontractor?
    A. We have a handful of trusted builders, contractors, and subcontractors with whom we have developed relationships over the years, and we are happy to recommend them! You will sign a separate contract directly with the builder or contractor. They will be responsible for managing their subcontractors. That being said, your communication with us is vital to the success of your project so that we can stay involved in every aspect of the project. If your project is a smaller one that requires only a few trades that we, at KCI, bring on (for example, a tile installer and a painter) we will be your point of contact for any issues that may arise. Again, communication is key!
  • Q. What is the difference between shipping and delivery? How do you estimate shipping and delivery?
    A: “Shipping” (or freight) charges are incurred when an item travels from the manufacturer to our receiving warehouse. “Delivery & Installation” charges are incurred when the delivery team brings the completed items from our receiving warehouse and places them in your home. At KCI, a flat 20% of your total budget is allocated to shipping, storage, delivery, and installation costs. This is paid upfront, so there are no surprise charges at the end of your project.
  • Q. How should I communicate with my designer?
    A. As you can imagine, there are countless details that go into each design and project. We want to ensure that no detail is lost or missed so we require that all communication regarding your project happens via email or phone call. Text messages should be reserved for urgent matters, such as missing or arriving late for a scheduled appointment.
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