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Embracing Winter

I recently read an article about how Norwegians are among the happiest people groups on the planet - even though they have long, cold, and dark winters.

Sound familiar, fellow Minnesotans?

I learned that Norwegians’ contentedness is due mostly to the fact that they do two important things as winter approaches. They change their mindset. And they gather.

Project: Arden Place

Although I have thoughts on the importance of mindset, I’ll use this space to offer some tips on making your home a cozy gathering place for your friends and family this winter – holiday décor optional. 😉

Comfort First

Make sure your home is warm and inviting. Plenty of cozy seating options with ample places for people to set down their food and drinks will go a long way. Plush rugs, chunky knit or wool throws, and textural pillows add visual and physical warmth.

Project: Lakeside

Project: Sonoma Ridge

Mood Lighting

Put all overhead lights on dimmers. If they’re not on dimmers, turn them off and use your floor and table lamps to give your rooms (and your guests) a softer, more flattering glow.

Project: Aspasia

Light Candles

Lots of them. Different sizes and shapes help create a warm and intimate setting. Think scented candles with winter fragrances like cinnamon or pine.

Reflective Surfaces

Incorporate mirrors to reflect light and make your rooms feel brighter during the day. This is especially helpful during the darker winter months. At night, a well-placed mirror will reflect the softer glow of whatever mood lighting you choose.

Finally, your guests will feel comfortable when you’re comfortable. So light a fire, pour a drink, grab those blankets and gather the people you love.

Let’s take a note from our Norwegian friends and not only survive but embrace the winter months ahead.


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