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Beauty & Benefits of Green

In the world of home décor, it’s everywhere these days. In tile, furniture, lighting, you name it. So, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight this month on both the beauty and benefits of the color green.

We like to use shades of green in every room we design. Sometimes in obvious ways (above), but more often we use it subtly, in muted tones and plants. Always in plants. 

So, why all the fuss about green?

• Did you know that green is considered the most relaxing color in the rainbow? It can rejuvenate us when we’re exhausted and calm us when we’re overstimulated, thanks to its calming effect on our nervous system.


• Green is often associated with wealth, luck, and safety. Yes, please to all three!


• Being surrounded by the color green can have a positive impact on our mental health too. In fact, living in proximity to greenery has been linked to lower rates of anxiety and depression.


• Shades of green can help put us at ease in a new place. That’s why designers often feature green in public spaces like restaurants and hotels.


• In my humble opinion, green is both on-trend and classic. High-end and laid-back. 


Need I say more?

Until Next Month.....We're Glad You're Here!


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