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5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Project: Summer Oaks

After years of helping clients transform their homes, there are a few mistakes we tend to see over and over again. Read on for some of our top tips for avoiding them.


Mistake #1

Hanging Art Too High

This is one of the most common mistakes we see in people’s homes. For some reason, it’s tempting to hang art high on a wall. Art should be at your eye level. For most people, that means the center of the art, or grouping of art, should be about 60” off the floor.

Projects: Southwood and Scandifornian

Mistake #2

Drapes That Are Hung Too Low and Too Short

Unlike your art, don’t be afraid to hang your drapes high. We usually like to split the difference and hang the rod between the ceiling and the top of the window.

Project: Edina Refresh

Think of full-length drapes as you would pants—they should break at the ankle. I used to cringe when my growing kids would leave the house wearing pants that were clearly too short. Similarly, drapes that are too short look like a kid in need of new jeans. Drapes should rest slightly on the floor or just an inch above it.

Projects: Arden Place and Aspasia

Mistake #3

Not Enough Open Space

When it comes to furniture, remember this: just because it will fit doesn’t mean you should buy it. Rooms need space to breathe. When you stand back and look around a room, there should always be some negative or ‘white’ space. These are areas your eye pass through to get to an interesting spot to land. With too many furnishings, a room will feel cluttered and unsettled.

Project: Hartford Way

Mistake #4

Overcrowding Accessories

Similar to your furnishings, your accessories need room to breathe too. One of the biggest styling mistakes we see is overcrowding shelves, built-ins, and tabletops with decor. White space is crucial if you want your home to feel calm and collected.

Projects: Summer Oaks & Irvine Way

Project: Hartford Way

Mistake #5

Bad Lighting

Even the most beautiful rooms can look harsh under unflattering lights. Consider multiple light sources: natural light, task lights, and decorative lighting. All three are ideal!

And trust me, you won’t regret the money you invest in a statement light fixture or lamp. Consider them the attractive piece of jewelry to your already beautiful wardrobe. 

Projects: Aspasia & Hartford Way

Projects: Scandifornian & Edina


As always, drop us a line if there’s something you’d like to learn more about.

We’re here to help!


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