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Parkview Loft

Photographer: Katie Cannon

This once bare-looking loft has been transformed into a usable, stylish space for an active family of five.

Our clients asked for a space where their three teenage boys could hang out with friends and play video games, as well as a mature space for our clients to entertain their adult friends.

We removed all traces of the dorm-like furniture that was previously there and replaced it with stylish, durable furniture that will withstand teenagers. The swivel chair near the fireplace is perfect for conversation when facing the sofa. It turns to face the somewhat disguised television in the all-black media console.

One of our favorite pieces to source was the moody art above the fireplace that is an instant focal point for the room. Our goal was to provide both form and function in this urban loft, just oustide of Minneapolis, MN. Mission accomplished.

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