• Kari Campbell

Round Mirror Roundup

One of the trends in home decor right now I really like is the round mirror. It's relatively new to the scene, but it seems as if it could quickly become a classic. So many of our homes have hard lines and sharp edges everywhere we turn that the circular shape of a big old round mirror is a welcome relief for our eyes. I like them over fireplaces, bathroom vanities, bedroom dressers, entry tables and beds.

This is one I love... enough so that I have it in my own home. This is the Quinn Wall Mirror from Home Decorators. I looked at it off and on for a few months and finally decided to pull the trigger. And I'm glad I did. At 36" in diameter, it's large enough to fill the space above my powder room vanity perfectly, making the space feel bigger than it is.

Here are three more large round mirrors I like for different reasons. The one on the LEFT is from Urban Outfitters and is trimmed in black rubber. A super cool statement piece in almost any space! The MIDDLE mirror is antique gold-trimmed and from Wayfair. And the one on the RIGHT is custom made to fit almost any size your heart desires. It's the Infinity Round Mirror from Room & Board. I used it for a client above her large bedroom dresser, so we went with a whopping 41" diameter mirror. This one is great for more contemporary spaces.

Nothing opens up a space quite like a beautiful mirror. They are functional and can act as wall art as well! Here are a few more applications for these round beauties.

Images from BeckiOwens.com


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