Meet Kari

I love stories.  Whether they are written or spoken or simply lived intentionally, there is something essential and connective about stories that speaks to us all. 

I began my career as a broadcast journalist who appreciates the beautiful art of telling stories.  I moved around the country to follow my career, into and out of six homes in four states. I landed back in my home state of Minnesota where I live with my four favorite people: three of them little, one of them big.  I eventually stepped away from the camera and now I help people tell stories within their own walls.

I truly believe our spaces have the power to help shape us. Our homes are the safe places where we kick off our shoes and rest from the chaos outside our doors, where we wear out the floors pacing with our babies into the wee hours of the night, and where we invite those we love to gather around our table. 

With an eye for clean, fresh and updated spaces, I am passionate about helping guide you through the design process, and ultimately, to a home that tells your unique story.

Kari Campbell Interiors
Kari Campbell Interiors